Five Important Things i Learned While Running a Band

Running a band isn’t easy, It requires great leadership. You have to make sure you are not pissing off anyone, It could be a serious problems. It’s not a age where we can command people and expect them to follow our order. We are all grown up, Every word that we spoke has to be in control. Here are some lessons I Learnt while running a band.

1. Discipline is Important

Discipline is one of the aspect of successful people, If you want to be successful then you have to be disciplined in every field like Managing your time etc. History has proved it,Take any successful for example Bill Gates(Microsoft),Steve Jobs(Apple Inc),Richard Branson(Virgin Group),Tony Fernandes (Air Asia). These people are successful because they know how to manage time. You don’t want to piss off your audience, they’re the reason you have this fandom and money. So,Always learn to Manage the time.

Mother Teresa said “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin“.

2. Be Passionate

Be good at what you do, Don’t try to fake it to impress people. You could never get the same amount of enthusiasm faking a thing while you’re doing it passionately. Be passionate about what you’re doing instead to please bunch of people.

3. Practice the Art

Someone once said “Practice makes a man perfect” that’s very true. The key to perfection is practicing until you become a pro. Learn new things everyday, it’ll make a great impact in your life. Don’t be ignorant and just keep doing it same every other day.

4. Understand your Audience

Understand your audience, what kind of songs they’d like to listen to,that way you can make a great bond with your audience and it will help you understand your audience better in the future. Take notes from them, Ask questions about what kind of content they’re interested in rather than playing what you’re good at. This would help you brush your skills as well.

5. Follow your dream and Never give up

Follow your dream, Ask yourself why did i start this ? and everytime you reach a certain goal ask yourself, are you satisfied. If Saitama had walked away from Lord Boros in One Punch man then would he ever had discover his power ? No matter what, Never give up.