Introducing AMAP

Hello Fellas,

We are Amanda, Marcio, Adriano, Paulo. We are all in the 20’s and we were born and bought in São Paulo, Brazil. By profession, we are economic students and out of passion, we run a small band called AMAP that is probably not known to the outside world. Through this site we are planning to increase our influence on the internet and allow people to recognize our work.

We will be sharing regular updates on our band in this blog – AMAP

Future Objectives:

We are considering creating a YouTube channel where we will carry all our work, besides the band we have different talents, like myself (Adriano), an artist, mainly drawing field portraits.

Marcio is a photographer, he takes photos to marry part time and manages a Facebook page where he shows his unique photography skills

Amanda is a ballet dancer

Paul is a graphic designer and video editor.

Let us know if you want us to include our skills as videos as well.

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