What are my new year resolutions ?

We all do it every year and think about New Year’s resolutions for the coming year. But once we are honest with ourselves, how many do we really put into action? We give you tips on how you can set more realistic goals and how to achieve them! In the private sector, the New Year’s resolution lists hardly differ from one year to the next: losing 5 pounds, getting neater, drinking less, quitting smoking, doing more exercise, eating healthier, using the smartphone less when others are present falling in love, spending more time with family, spending less, learning something new, getting organized, doing more good, and the list is endless. It is more frustrating when two months later you go back to the same stage you were in last year. A study by the University of Scranton shows that only 8 percent of intentions are actually achieved. This is the sad truth and does not necessarily motivate you to set new goals again. However, there are good reasons why this is so, which we will tell you right away! These are all very concrete intentions and that’s not bad. They are easy to measure and at the end of next year you will know if you have reached them or not. Nevertheless, it is also advisable to choose intentions that do not always tie in with specific events, but take your own behavior completely under the microscope. Here are a few examples of New Year’s resolutions that go in this direction :

  1. Make your decisions consciously
  2. Learn to say “no” if you do not want something
  3. Face challenges that you have always been facing
  4. Find your personal balance between online and offline
  5. Be careful not to step on the spot

Goals with Long term effect

It is important that your intentions not only apply for 2 weeks, but pursue long-term goals. Make a note of the intentions that you choose for you, concrete Feliz Año 2018 examples of how you could implement them and then implement them in retrospect. If you want to find your online-offline balance, set times when you do not want to watch your phone, for example, during a conversation, at dinner, or after 8pm. Write down what unpleasant task you have faced and why you did not do that before, or in which case you consciously said “no”. It’s about changing your behavior holistically and taking bad habits in the long run. The own intentions can not be achieved by asking for more salary, the request is rejected by the boss and from then on you do not trust to ask again for half a year or you reject a job that you did not want to do. Rather, it’s about risking something, facing up to new tasks and challenges that one might not have expected in the past. The change must take place on the whole level and have a lasting effect One of the reasons why many do not achieve their New Year’s resolutions is that in most cases they are unrealistic or quickly forgotten. That’s why we give you tips on how you can manage to finally start full energy in the coming year! Wishing you a very happy new year from Germany! – Frohes Neues Jahr 2018